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A hot spring with the theme of the deep sea and trees

Immerse yourself in Heda Onsen and be healed to your heart's content

 Fukami-no-Yu, inspired by the beautiful greenery of Toda, Nishi-Izu, and Deep Sea-no-Yu, inspired by the healing power of the sea. In July 2023, a new private spa that can be reserved will open. Enjoy a drink after taking a bath while listening to the soothing tones.


deep sea hot water

Heda is a port town that enjoys the blessings of the "deep sea".
The contrast between black and blue is the image of the fluctuation of the sea, and the blue lighting creates a fantastic image of the water surface of the hot spring.


Immerse yourself in the black-based open-air bath, close your eyes and feel the comfortable breeze while you spend your time meditating.


deep water

The richness of the "forest" and "trees" of Toda Pass. With the theme of the warmth of nature, "Fukaku no Yu" is a hot spring you'll want to soak in forever.


I close my eyes and smell the wood. The round fragrant wood floating in the hot spring looks like bubbles. This is the reason why Fukaku no Yu is also called "Wood Bubble Spa".


Private spa (charter)

A private bath with fantastic lighting will be available from July 2023. We will guide you by reservation system. From 15:00 to 22:00, it will be reserved for 45 minutes each time. (Last use time is 22:45) Free of charge.

​ (Please make a reservation at check-in.)


Hot spring overview


hot spring

"Hoda Onsen" The Toda Onsen, which gushed out in 1986, is said to be effective in treating stiff shoulders, back pain, rheumatism, and other health issues, as well as beauty.


Utilization time

Large public bath: 06:00AM-10:00AM, 15:00PM-24:00PM (men and women alternate)

Private bath 15:00 PM~22:45PM (every 45 minutes from 00:00)


Hairdryer and various amenities available

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