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An inn where you can meet the best cup.

A hideaway in Izu, an inn that was born to enjoy the best drink.

 The small town of Toda, protected by the majestic Suruga Bay and the beautiful mountains, is also known as the hideout of Izu. Cape Mihama, where the red torii gate of Morokuchi Shrine stands, has been visited by many travelers as a “good natural port protected by the gods” and healed their minds and bodies.

 In this town where nostalgic scenery remains, we want to provide an experience that refreshes the mind and body of modern people. AWA Nishiizu was born in this area as an inn where you can enjoy "the best cup".

Sake from breweries and carefully selected Shizuoka tea, nurtured by the blessings of Shizuoka in Fujinokuni. Pair with a fermented gastronomy meal that uses plenty of local ingredients. Immerse yourself in the high-quality Heda Onsen that gushes forth, and have a drink to soothe your dry throat. We want you to be completely immersed in the experience, so all drinks are an “all-inclusive” style with no extra charge.The encounter with the best cup for you should relax your body and mind.



A bar with the theme of "Shizuoka" x "Fermentation" welcomes customers.

Drinks selected by a sommelier who has experience at famous hotels in Tokyo, such as Shizuoka organic tea farms, Shizuoka's local sake made with the beautiful water of Mt.

Japanese modern room

A modern Japanese room where you can feel the warmth of wood even though it is simple. All rooms are equipped with duvet-type beds, TVs, Wi-Fi, etc., and functionality is also taken into consideration.

​Rooms with open-air baths and spacious rooms are also available.


hot spring

The hot spring flowing through Toda, Nishi-Izu is a sodium-calcium sulfate hot spring. "Shinkai-no-Yu" and "Fukami-no-Yu", which are themed on the characteristics of Heda, offer indoor and open-air baths. There is also a private bath.

fermentation gastronomy

A chef with a health food qualification "medichef" prepares a full course with the theme of "fermentation". Enjoy pesticide-free vegetables delivered from farmers, fresh seafood from Heda fishing port, aged meat dishes, and more. For a healthy breakfast, we offer a variety of fermented sauces and miso soup.



Cross bikes and eBikes are available for cycling around the port town. 5 minutes to the sea, enjoy the spectacular sunset point.

You can enjoy yoga and calligraphy in the private space inside the hotel. Calm your mind without worrying about your surroundings.

All on-site activities are available free of charge.

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