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A night to be intoxicated by the blessings of Shizuoka.

for youThe best cup

"Just take it easy tonight." We have prepared a cup that will soothe your body and mind when you are healed by the nature and hot springs of Nishiizu and spend time with your loved ones.



all inclusive

At AWA BAR, we offer free drinks exclusively for staying guests.

In addition to Shizuoka's local sake selected by a sommelier from all over Shizuoka, draft beer, wine, citrus juice, and original mocktails are available. Enjoy anytime during your stay.

Local sake delivered from the brewery

Fuji no Kuni Shizuoka is blessed with beautiful water from Mt.Fuji, and many breweries produce sake.

​AWA offers a large selection of sake from many breweries in Shizuoka. Please try drinking and comparing the charm of Shizuoka.


Shizuoka tea that the sommelier fell in love with

The sommelier who traveled around Shizuoka ​ in search of the "best cup" came across "tea". "Honzan Royal", made by Master Saito of the Shizuoka Organic Tea Farmers' Association, is genuine tea grown without the use of any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Overwhelming flavor and afterglow of happiness. For dinner guests only, we serve this finest tea.

A drink that matches the season

At AWA BAR, we serve seasonal drinks for a limited time.

Freshly roasted Shizuoka roasted tea that fills the lobby lounge with aroma, and mulled wine that you can enjoy in the garden during the cold winter.

​A drink that can only be enjoyed during the season.


Just take it easy.

AWA drinks can be brought anywhere in the building.

​While reading a book slowly in the lobby lounge, being healed by the starry sky and air in the garden, or lying down in your room. Please enjoy the scene where you can relax the most.


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