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​Activities you can enjoy without hesitation

Enjoy all-inclusive

We offer a variety of free activities (some for a fee), such as rental bicycles with a view of the beautiful sunset of Toda Port and Mt.


Rental cycle

About 5 minutes by bicycle from AWA, how about cycling to beautiful Toda Port? Take in the spectacular sunsets of Suruga Bay and Mt. Fuji, or take a leisurely stroll to dinner. A limited number of e-bikes are also available.

Zen Calligraphy (Private)

"Every day is a good day." Rainy days, windy days, every day is wonderful, always cherish this moment. Zen gives us important hints on how to live. We offer a private room where you can experience finding the Zen that suits you and writing a calligraphy.


Video yoga (charter)

In order to improve the quality of your sleep, we have prepared yoga programs with the themes of "before going to bed" and "waking up". There are several programs, such as yoga and pilates, created in collaboration with healthcare professionals in Shizuoka Prefecture. We offer a private meditation room in a "video style" so that you can enjoy it casually.


You can enjoy drinks such as wine while gazing at the deep greenery and starry sky in the attached garden. Depending on the season, it is possible to relax while reading a book, or experience fireworks.



Feel free to read the BOOK in the library corner during your stay. You can take it to the lobby lounge, garden deck, or even your room. You may be able to meet a book that you can meet yourself different from usual.


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